Apple Lock Solutions

QuaBuy Ghana provides expert solutions in partnership with Apple Inc. for lock-related challenges with Apple devices.

QuaBuy Ghana charges a standard fee of GHC100 ($9 equivalent) to Apple inc for Unlocking Checks, which applies uniformly to all Apple devices. Once this fee is settled, QuaBuy Ghana works with Apple to gather crucial details about the specified device, including:

  1. Identifying the current carrier associated with the device.
  2. Providing a breakdown of the total cost for full unlocking and a detailed guide on the unlocking process.
  3. Estimating the duration for unlocking the carrier.
  4. Providing insight on any blacklist status affecting the device and potential modem firmware concerns.
  5. Collecting additional device information confidentially to refine and personalize the solutions offered.
QuaBuy Ghana provides a convenient alternative for iPhone lock users by offering a swap service. This option allows customers to trade in their devices for factory-unlocked iPhones, delivering immediate relief from any lock-related challenges they may be facing.

Services under Apple Lock

1. PassCode Removal : All Apple Devices be it iPhone , MacBook , iPad etc
2. iPhone Sim Lock Carrier Unlocking : All Telecommunication carriers , Esim or physical sim
3. iCloud Password Change - Having Sign in Issues etc
4. iCloud account removal - Forgotten password
5. Screen time Passcode.

The Service works for the following Devices 

  1. IPhone 7 - 15pro max
  2. Macbooks
  3. Ipads
  4. Iwatches
  5. Imac

This and many more

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