QuaBuy Falaa Card allows customers to pay lower prices for swapping top up cost,device repair cost or purchase of any iPhone,MacBook,iPad or any Apple accessories by purchasing various card amount and using it for transactions with Quabuy Ghana

Quabuy Falaa cards are strictly sold hence to purchase, one has to reach out to 030-225-6599 / 020-587-2837 for assistance

  • Quabuy Falaa cards have Ghanaian currency value of Ghc50,Ghc100,Ghc200,Ghc500 and Ghc1,000.The best part is where the purchase amount of the Quabuy Falaa Cards are lesser than the value of what it offers.A Falaa card of Ghc50 is purchased at Ghc30 but enjoy a full value purchase of Ghc50

A Falaa card of Ghc100 is purchased at Ghc60 but enjoy a full value purchase of Ghc100

A Falaa card of Ghc200 is purchased at Ghc140 but enjoy a full value purchase of Ghc200

A Falaa card of Ghc500 is purchased at Ghc340 but enjoy a full value purchase of Ghc500

A Falaa card of Ghc1,000 is purchased at Ghc750 but enjoy a full value purchase of Ghc1,000

  • Quabuy Falaa card has various amounts which takes off between 25% to 60% on Apple purchases or services at Quabuy Ghana.Where a buyer is looking to buy an IPhone 13 Pro max 128 New costing about Ghc12,000,a Quabuy Falaa Card of Ghc2,000 can beat cost down to Ghc10,000.

  • A Quabuy Falaa card can be used for a diagnosed repair cost in the sense that ,it can be used to pay for screen repairs,battery replacement ,charging system issues , Face ID error cases and every other fault with any gadget provided Quabuy Ghana Provided the Said Cost.

  • A QuaBuy Falaa Card allows clients looking to swap iPhone 7 and above to receive discounts on their swap evaluated cost.A person with Ghc 200 Falaa Card can beat down a swap cost of Ghc4,000 to Ghc3,800 for the higher phone they intend to swap

There are no fees associated with Quabuy Falaa Card .All one has to do is to buy it from the relevant outlet of Quabuy Ghana according to your preferred amount.
Activation is simple,easier and faster on quabuyghana.com.To every Quabuy Falaa Card purchase requires a redeem code to unlock the special offers.

An email Will be sent Containing Quabuy Falaa Code details after Filling the forms and submiting your credentials on Quabuy Ghana’s website within 24 hours of card purchase.

Unfortunately Quabuy Falaa cards are used for walk-in’s only at all QuaBuy Ghana outlets.

Quabuy Falaa cards can be used in any Quabuy Ghana outlets operating in Ghana to pay for swap , apple sales or repair cost.

Walk-in to any Quabuy Ghana outlet to redeem your card to pay for any Apple purchase like iPhones,AirPods,MacBooks,iPad ,repair issues or swap top up cost.

Kindly WhatsApp 020-587-2837 for all assistance or walk-in any of our outlets in Accra,Kumasi or Takoradi.